MakeGolfScorecard Excel Template

Latest Release

  • Version 6.5
  • Simplified Print function with one format for Letter and A4 paper size.
  • Golf course dual par and index rating support.
  • Playing from different tees on one scorecard.
  • New scorecard user interface.


  • ¬†Free Excel template with macros.
  • Stroke indexing on each hole for all players based on hole index and course slope rating.
  • USGA compliant singles and doubles Match play support.
  • Custom Screline Titles and hole annotations.
  • 4-person teams, 2-person teams or single players tournament scorecards.
  • Tournament scorecards for Mixed 2-person or 4-person teams playing from different tees.
  • Simple switching between 10 different favorite golf courses.
  • Editing interface for regular tournaments of group up to 30 players.
  • Tournament scorecards for unlimited number of players using batch mode.
  • Template for skins and game prizes.
  • Optimized for US Letter or A4 paper size printing.
  • Scorecard’s back side cover printing option.
  • Print to PDF multiple scorecards.